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Exclusive Premiere: Henrik Lindstrand “Loranga” (Benoit Pioulard Version)

American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, writer and photographer Thomas Meluch (aka Benoît Pioulard) has beautifully reworked ‘Loranga’ by revered Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand. Utilising his experience within the world of ambient field recordings and original lo-fi compositions, Pioulard has crafted an expansive, atmospheric soundscape that builds into heady euphoria. Subtle but intense electronics buried deep within a meditative and reflective reimaging.

The track perfectly captures two emotionally deft musical world-builders at the top of their respective games.

“Henrik’s work was a delight to deconstruct; my aim was to create the cosmic background radiation to the constellations of his notes, and retain the same atmosphere through different means — in this case, primarily guitar and tape” – Benoît

“To enter the musical universe of Benoît Pioulard is a mesmerizing experience. His dense and hypnotic textures are very unique and I love the atmosphere it creates around you when listening. I was so pleased when he wanted to rework my piece Loranga from the latest album. The result was very much what I had hoped for and it brings the song into Benoît Pioulard´s captivating soundscape. This is the perfect track for daydreaming.” – Henrik Lindstand

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