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Exclusive Premiere: Dusty “Don’t You Worry” (Jazz&Milk)

House / Techno

After releasing two solo albums and a couple of other label releases such as the new Twelve Inch Jams series, Jazz & Milk founder Dusty took some time to explore new territories.

While working on music with labelmate Sam Irl, he received incentive to experiment with the sound and workflow of the MPC.

As a result, Dusty came up with two House jams on which he channels old samples and analogue synths with a hint of progressive but yet very melodic acid basslines.

“Don’t You Worry” introduces African rhythms with its percussive kalimba and conga patterns, warm synth chords and a groovy bass workout towards the end! Extremely well produced deep, soulful, Disco House with a nice acid curveball on the A-side!

“Twelve Inch Jams 003” releases March 23, 2018 on Jazz&Milk

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