Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Erin Buku & Jonny Faith “Tomorrow”

After operating since the start of 2020, Inner Tribe has gone from power to power with great releases from the likes of Elf Tranzporter, Clever Austin, Stan Smith, Inkswel, Kid Sublime, Ezroh, Rela, Colonel Red and countless others.

Soul music forged by the creative direction of prolific producer and DJ Inkswel. The label has received accolades and support from the likes of Bandcamp Weekly, Okayplayer, Indie Shuffle, Pilerats and Fusicology as well as radio love from Lefto, Worldwide FM and Triple J.

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Featuring in no particular order Beyond June, Elf Tranzporter, Joobie, mfp, Stan Smith, Baba Israel, Green Twins, Active Ingredients, Applejac, Ohmega Watts, Lailah Reich, Erin Buku, Jonny Faith, Edseven, Juzzone, Mista Monk, Dr.Drumah, Craig Smith, Kid Sublime, Tableek, Walla C, JonQuil, Soulparlor, Colonel Red, Jason Hogans aka Brownstudy, Sofatalk, Oliver Night and Seany Bsta. The compilation paints an ethereal backdrop of an imaginary city focussed on Love, Hope and our inner Dreams.

MIMS Premieres

MIMS Premieres

Exclusive tracks from some of our favourite artists & labels.