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Exclusive Premiere: Javonntte “So Much” (ELE Records)


Detroit’s finest Javonntte pulls out all the stops with his debut album, an exploration into the jazz fusion sounds forged in the Motor City.

Javonntte toured with the late Aretha Franklin, and this album presents his first exploration into jazz and soul sounds forged by the late queen of soul. An emotive and personal record which was recorded entirely in Detroit, the influence of the Motor City can be heard transcending through each track.

Dripping with jazz, soul and funk, the album is a testament to Javonntte’s mastery of both keyboard and bass with additional vocals provided by the man himself.

Best known for his work with Kai Alce, Andres, MCDE, Amp Fiddler, this album presents Javonntte’s soul laid bare, and is a must have for any fan of Jazz, Soul and Funk.


Primetime Voyage LP
ELE Records 006
Jazz Fusion
31st May 2019 Release

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