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Exclusive Premiere: Jonny Drop “All This Trouble” (Albert’s Favourites)


‘All This Trouble’ is the first track to land from Jonny Drop’s 2nd album “The Only Sound”.

Warm, hazy Jazz is covered by a patchwork of percussion and beats that clearly display his sensibilities as a drummer. This early taste of the new album, due in June, is one of the closest heir’s to the “Sub Plot” crown, but confidently points at the producer’s development, which will be clearly heard in his new material.

Jonny Drop’s debut, “Sub Plot”, was the very first album release on the fledgling Albert’s Favourites label at the beginning of 2016. The initial offering, a 7” of album favourites ‘Mind Field’ and ‘This Is The One’ had quickly been picked up on by the good people at BBC Radio 6 Music as well as some of Drop’s personal heroes including Kenny Dope, Mr. Thing and Nightmares On Wax. But when the infectious rhythms and warm production of the beat tape landed, its impact was greater than anyone at the label could have hoped.

Although Jonny never stopped producing beats in the following years, he was also kept busy as a drummer, playing live for Andrew Ashong, The Bongolian and Connie Constance, whose “Boring Connie” EP he also laid down beats for. Then in early 2018 his band The Expansions delivered their celebrated “Murmuration” LP. All the while, with the support of his label family, Drop had been evolving his solo sound too.

The Only Sound sees a huge progression in my writing direction, as I collaborated with multiple vocalists and musicians, instead of the usual ‘one-man band’ approach. The development of these processes make this LP a steady departure from the beat-tape influence of my past releases, and hopefully, showcase the more original sound I’ve been working to achieve over the past few years.”

“The Only Sound” releases June 22, 2018 on Albert’s Favourites

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