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Exclusive Premiere: K, Le Maestro “OUT LATE” (feat. Amaria)

London native K, Le Maestro´s single “OUT LATE” feat. “Amaria” (USA) is a sonic celebration that marries/blends modern R&B with old-school funk references.

The instrumental is rooted in heavy drum beats, layered arpeggiated synths and a prominent bass line which makes space for Amaria´s crystal clear vocals to create a sensual, intimate setting. “OUT LATE” is the first single of K, Le Maestro´s highly anticipated debut album “WHIP MUSIC”, dropping September 17th via Jakarta Records.


Amaria: “Out Late reminisces a journey of the freedom and joys of cruising the city with a person you love. With nowhere to even go, the lyrics takes you through the feelings of having no set plans and just enjoying a spontaneous, care-free night out.”

KLM: “Out Late is one of them joints you bump in the whip while you driving around with nowhere to go. Just cruisin with a shorty or a person you really like. Enjoying the vibes.”

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