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Exclusive Premiere: Raffy Bushman “Abraham”


A brilliant new cut from Raffy Bushman, the London-based pianist and composer, whose debut EP last year, ‘Look Up’, certainly caught our attention and found a home on many respectable playlists too.

Raffy’s spirited and melodic piano playing is a joy to hear on “Abraham”. Supported by Nubiyan Twist’s Finn Booth on drums and Mikele Montolli, hailing from Verona via Graz, on bass.

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Raffy gained praise and recognition far afield for his direction of Unit 31, a music and visual arts collective of serious impact in London. He also founded the NuShape Orchestra, collaborating with Nubiya Brandon on ‘All Kinds of Limbo’ a transportative musical VR experience at The National Theatre.

After an impressive debut last year, Raffy looks set to go from strength to strength, from all indications.

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