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Exclusive Premiere: Small Talk “Barrio Rich”


Small Talk is a group formed by two Montreal creatives.

Los Hamptons BKA Nik Brovkin is a beatmaker inspired by the music played in his kitchen and his friends’ kitchens while he was growing up. Lex Garcia BKA Lex Garcia is a vocalist inspired by water cooler conversations at work that end up being micro-aggressions 99.9% of the time.

The album, executive produced by Paul Cargnello, is an introduction to Worldcore music, a genre that is a response to world music sections in record stores. It is a conversation piece for Coachella millennials, and for debates in barbershops. The album is dark content delivered lightheartedly.

‘Barrio Rich’ is the first single. It is an ode to the Montréal that is often forgotten amid the ever growing 8th wave coffee shop invasion and folk festivals. It is blue collar lavishness celebrated by two working class musicians.

Small Talk‘s album releases July 21, 2017


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