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Exclusive Premiere: Souleance “A Raw Excursion”


via Excursions: The second release on the Excursions imprint; this time a trilogy of treats from French duo DJ Soulist and Fulgeance, aka Souleance.

These guys have been busily producing a series of delectable releases for a decade now. Crafted primarily with the dancefloor in mind, Souleance weave together an assortment of grooves and genres to magnificent effect – disco, funk and beyond.

‘A Raw Excursion’ proceeds to give you what you need, with something for all the family amidst this three-track EP. Setting it off, the heavily progged-out thump of ‘The Ramble’; a solid mid-tempo floor-quaker, flipping the unmistakable weight of Jim and Bob.

This is followed by the ‘C’est La Fête’ edit of ‘A Little More’ – a cheeky flip of a classic late-seventies slow jam. This one tried and tested over the past few years to crush a lot of dances, now available on wax for the first time for all you players out there.

Finally, we have ‘Gypsy’ – the most uptempo cut of the set, this is peak-time fire. So much so, you should maybe have some water at hand. An electro-disco tinged anthem of the highest degree, this concludes the sophomore release on Excursions, and guarantees this one will stay in the record bag for a long time.

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