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Future Classic: The Fawbak Experiment “Third Space EP”

Jazz Beats

There’s much to enjoy on this 11-track project which came about during a number of free jazz recording sessions combined with many hours in the studio by Fawbak.

With the help of Levon Adams (drums), Charlie Silas (saxophone), and Mal Smith (drums) “Each track takes you on tour in a far, far unexplored space of your emotional palette. Colors, sounds, tastes are changed. The mood is purple, shaded by dark lights from the skies. From the very first notes, the music is quietly immersive, takes you until another space, time and life’s feeling. As a little fruit on a planet, contemplating the immensity of a galactic road built from billions of stars, a so impressive combination of infinity, dark and cold light”.

Highlights come thick and fast and include the ever-evolving opener “Deception, ” the spiritual and otherworldly “Movement,” also there’s the sultry sax and heavy percussive brilliance of “Light” and “Tomorrow’s World” offers a late night groove and a nice Badu sample. Elsewhere we get the deep jazzy vibes of “Wisdom” and our favourite the elegantly cool “Pressure”.

Deeply spiritual and well worth a spin or two.

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