Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Kerri Chandler “Rain” (1998)

House / Techno

Ok, so there is a bit of a hidden agenda behind this pick. Yes, “Rain” is a certified house anthem, the first track that made me discover Kerri Chandler 10 years ago and then made me want to back track all the way back to the early 90’s to check out every single Kerri record and remix.

But, the second reason i’m sharing this is that I am playing this weekend with Floating Points at the Montreal outdoor event called Piknic Electronik and the weather is not looking so good right now… So I figured i’d call on the Rain gods to do their worse for the next 2 days but to leave us the F alone this weekend.

I discovered “Rain” when I was working at Inbeat records about 10 years ago and I remember very well that I was working on invoices (and boring stuff) and I put this DJ Deep mix CD that opened with that track. After 3-4 bars of the keys in the intro I was hooked. So, I propose this deal: for this weekend if the rain gods can be on my side I will play this track on both days, and I will play it loud!

Kerri Chandler - Rain

Originally released in 1998 on Nervous Records as a B side on an EP called “The Mood EP” (info link). There have been a number of remixes of this classic over the years but this brand new one by AtJazz is pretty boss!



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