Forgotten Treasure: Pharoah Sanders “The Creator has a master plan” (1960)

This is some deeeeeep stuff right here. A 35 minute track from saxophonist Pharoah Sanders on the classic 1960 record titled “Karma” which came out on Impulse! (originally founded by Creed Taylor of CTI and home of some of John Coltrane’s best records).

This came out during the period where there was a huge break in jazz between the be-bop, hard-bop era of the pre-60’s and the more politically charged and more experimental period that followed that was more spiritual / free jazz. I’m not always a fan of that stuff, some of it is quite hard to wrap your head around… and listening to music that is hard to listen to is not always my idea of a good time.

But this is different… 35 minutes of we shall overcome.



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