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Future Classic: Afriquoi “Kolaba”

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South-London outfit Afriquoi dropped their first album Kolaba in September following 4 years of anticipation, largely due to their famously feverish live performances.

With roots spread across multiple continents, their sound fuses traditional African instrumentation and contemporary electronica. Soca, UK Funky, Dub, Dancehall and House run through the veins of Kolaba. There’s primal drumbeats, Colgolese guitar licks and intricate Kora lines fluttering in and out. The result is fresh and vibrant, brilliantly infectious and thoroughly danceable.

Describing their live show, vocalist Andre Espeut says, “When we’re onstage it’s like an unstoppable energy force and you know that everyone is going to like it”. It sounds kinda cheesy, but he’s not wrong.

Afriquoi: Kolaba by Wormfood Records

Also, check out Afriquoi‘s Soundcloud Profile for more goodies.

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