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Future Classic: BinkBeats “Beats Unraveled”

Beats Soul

For the most part, YouTube has sort of ruined the whole idea of cover versions for me. I mean, you check out a video you like and in the side bar you can see about 18 different versions of random people butchering a song in their basement. Of course, whatever artform you are interested in you should always try to keep an open mind… because there is always that 1% out there that will blow your mind.

Our good homie Poirier, a great producer in his own right, sent me this video of BINKBEATS a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Holland. The video was the cover of Madlib/Badu’s “The Healer” and the first in an on-going series called “Beats Unraveled”.

The guy has serious chops and takes these revisions a step beyond the novelty of doing cover versions of great songs.

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for BinkBeats!

Madlib / Erykah Badu “The Healer”

Flying Lotus “Getting There”

Lapalux “Without You”

Amon Tobin “Lost & Found”





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