Future Classics

Future Classic: Black Star “You Already Knew” (Produced by Oh No)


“Coming just a day after the release of “Fix Up” produced by Madlib, Black Star gives us “You Already Knew,” produced by Oh No. This is the first song off Black Star Aretha, the group’s tribute to the legendary singer, Aretha Franklin.”

Is this track enough to really get excited about the return of Black Star? Other than just for nostalgia’s sake. In my opinion, not quite. It’s a quality track, there’s no doubting that but it’s just not the most inventive thing out there. I think Mos Def (or now known as Yasin) solo projects are still very exciting but i’m just very unsure about the return of Black Star. But we’ll see…

Sorry for the ramblings, this track is still a solid 8/10

Black Star “You Already Knew” by 3DDistro



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