Future Classic: DOC Mastermind “Energy”

Soul & Funk

Laruche Records latest release is DOC Mastermind‘s “Energy“. The newly head-honcho of the label comes back with another stellar project.

He’s shown us over the years that he mastered the art of manipulating samples, vocal excerpts, futuristic sounds with his personal creative touch on the synths, bass lines and drum programming.

Notable tracks for my part are “Inception” or “Rizin”(classic samples), “Know da Ledge” with fellow label mate Prince Isaac, and “Outline” with Monomite. I also appreciate the fact that most of the album is shaped around slower tempos rhythms, which makes it great for cruising and transit rides. I’ve had the chance to meet the DOC this past summer in Paris (with Dr.MaD), and gotta say homie is a class act. He developed strong collaborating ties with Moovment and Expansions Collective, and discussed with us his vision and future endeavours for his label.

Check him out : http://soundcloud.com/docmastermind
Laruche Records : http://soundcloud.com/laruche-records /

Walla P

Walla P

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