Balance Radio Show (Show #1 – Hosted by Spacewalker)

For over 10 years, the fabulous Balanso Radio Show was a one of the most impactful and influential radio shows in South East Europe. Founded in 2003 by Spacewalker and Jazzmate, based in Belgrade (Serbia) and aired on B92, the biggest radio station in the country.

The show explored the full spectrum of black music (jazz, house, hip-hop, brazilian), both new releases and old rediscoveries. It also featured special guests  such as Jazzanova, Gilles Peterson, Quantic, Lefto and myself of course! Since 2011, Spacewalker has been running the show after Jazzmate’s retirement from DJ-ing and radio.

A few years ago, the radio station had been bought and progressively all of the quality programming had been cut out of the schedule, until the bad news came that Balanso was out of a home. When I heard of the sad news, I immediately started to try and convince my good friend to move his show over to MIMS!

Well, I am really happy to announce that after a short hiatus, the Balance radio show will now be hosted bi-monthly on our site and other channels like Mixcloud and Soundcloud. Having other regular radio shows is never something i’ve really considered until this opportunity. I believe that shows how much respect I have for Balanso (now called Balance) as a show and Spacewalker as a music lover and DJ.

Before we publish our first collaboration show of Balance, we asked Spacewalker to pick 5 songs that represent the vibe of the show… Make sure you tune in next week!

Mickey – Eye Witness LP

Mickey de Grand IV who you might know from Psychic Mirrors and Dreamboat released his solo album of leftfield boogie a few months ago. You can check the video for the first single below, as I chose (no pun intended) “Your Bitch Chose Me” to play on the show.

Dornik – Stand in Your Line

Ever since Dornik released his first single back in 2011 (“Something About You”), I’ve been in love his sound which was best described by someone as music that Michael Jackson and Disclosure would’ve made had they had a chance to work together.

Leon Vynehall – Music for Midnight Road

Atmospheric, dreamy house music done right – not something anyone can do, but we all know Mr. Vynehall rarely disappoints. Taken from Gerd Janson’s 2nd installment of Music for Autobahns.

Braeden Bailey – 7/4

Bass driven brazilian jazz fusion for 2015, for fans of Azymuth & Thundercat! From his “Requiem” beat-tape, you can get it for free by heading to his Bandcamp page.

Floating Points – For Marmish

It’s taken a long time, but Sam Shepherd’s debut LP “Elaenia” is finally here! Well, out on 6th of November to be exact!




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