Future Classics

Future Classic: iL – apoLLo1ne3hree


You probably remember some other classics by always interesting italo german label Error Broadcast like Cailloux Germés by KenLo or Five-Fingers Discount by russian mastermind DZA. But they keep the good sound flowin’ with another “not-free-but-the-mp3-at-192kps-is” releases with a new artist iL.

Surprisingly, ApoLLo1ne3hree is more of an ambient affair. Of course, there is the quirky raw beats typical of the label and the longest “song” is less than 2 minutes long but all is bathing in a quasi-ethereal sound that kind of reminds me of new Amon Tobin sounds; real moody but definitly some of the most hard hitting drums you ever heard. That makes the 16 minutes EP more like a long track then a 13 tracks album. Like a lot of release by EB, you can listen to them entirely on their incredible interwebsite!

iL – apoLLo1ne3hree by Error Broadcast



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