Future Classics

Future Classic: Mr. De’ “Backstage”

House / Techno

I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this with you. I first heard of Ade Mango Henderson Mainor (better known as Mr. De’) when a friend told me he got one of his tracks polished up by this super-talented veteran producer from Detroit.

Not long after, I was made aware of a documentary that chronicles the life of the man who started making and shaping music at a exceptionally young age in a very poor and dangerous part of town. In an effort to get kids off the street and focusing on their inspirations, Mr. De’ and his label Electrofunk Records has served his community as well as the music community.

His latest album Sol+Mind holds a handful of great tunes, but nothing illustrates the mastery and clarity of his productions better than Backstage. Every time I hear this song I get overwhelmed by it’s beautiful simplicity. Close your eyes and let “the house” take over with it’s warm keys, funky baseline and irresistibly flattering lyrics. Can’t wait to play this out!

While you’re at it, take a peak at this trailer for Mr. De’ – A Detroit Story. Sir, you don’t have to convince me any further; whenever I get around to making beats on a serious level, Ima hit you up!



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