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Future Classic: Nite-Funk “Nite-Funk EP”

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The 1st of July usually marks the celebration of Canada for many folks living in this country, but for me, it signifies the 1st release of DâM-FunK‘s newest label, Glydezone Recordings. What better way to launch your label than with the extremely talented Nite Jewel, with who DâM collaborated back in 2009.

Nite-Funk self-titled EP contains 4 tracks; they all offer a different vibe, and demonstrates the symbiosis between the 2 artists. “Don’t Play Games”, which is featured in the latest Voyage Funktastique Show, is a reflection of where the duo left off back when they 1st teamed up – sexy cruising music, majestic soothing vocals and that signature sound that DF got us hooked on to. “Let Me Be Me” is definitely a dance floor anthem, ready to rock parties across the Funk Nation – it has that Kashif feel written all over. “Love X 2″ is a Lover’s slow jam, for when you get back to the crib with your significant other” while “U Can Make Me” has significant House ingredients that testifies that DâM’s production is mature & eclectic – the Man can produce anything and turn it into an instant classic.

This EP is not a “microwave / fast-food” product that will be consumed, recycled and collect dust on the shelves. It’s a testament of the pedigree that the #1 Funk ambassador wants us, the listener, to consume with an attentive ear and actually kick back, relax, enjoy what Life has to offer and keep going. And that’s just the 1st instalment of many more to come for Glydezone Recordings.

Walla P

Walla P

Founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique, a radio show, monthly night and platform dedicated to promote Future/Modern/Électro/Boogie Funk.