Future Classics

Future Classic: Osunlade “Yoruba Plays”

House / Techno

If you consider yourself a fan of real, deep, soulful house then you are most likely familiar with Yoruba. The label (run by Osunlade) has been around since 1999, putting out fresh vibes (often with a spiritual, jazzy and world music approach) from Nadirah Shakoor, Boddhi Savta, Afefe Iku and other great artists.

This mix was posted on Yoruba’s official Facebook page with the headline “Wanna know what’s coming?” and the answer was very simple: hell yeah! Right off the bat, we get a beautiful forthcoming from Trinidad Senolia that incorporates a spoken-word piece on the sugar cane with hopeful chants, an ensemble of whispered drums and really warm synth chords, laying the groundwork for a Yoruba showcase of new material and lesser-known gems.

Unfortunately excluded, but worth mentioning is Osunlade’s newest 7” “Dionne” (as played by Karizma on his recent Boiler Room set). A very elegant track with an insightful message. Only 250 copies pressed.

Yoruba Plays…
01 Trinidad Senolia “Sucre Sacre”
02 Mike Steva “Chiko”
03 Djinji Brown “Autumn Brown”
04 Lady Alma “It’s House Music”
05 Osunlade “Human Beings” (Atjazz Remix)
06 Afefe Iku “the Blues”
07 Osunlade “Camera Shy” (Toto Chiavetta Remix)
08 Oveous Maximus “I Apologize”
09 Osunlade “The 8th Chakra”
10 Jimmy Abney “More Of You” (Tea Party Mix)
11 Lotus & Strauss “Grand Masterplan (Yoruba Dance Mix)
12 Osunlade “Atsuta Jingu”

compiled and mixed by Osunlade



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