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Future Classic: Ticklah “Ya Llego” feat. Mayra Vega

Latin Reggae

I can be a bit reluctant to “edits” and “versions” of certain tracks, especially classics. More often then not the edits tend to strip the original soul and flavor of the track and replace it with a monotone breakbeat or an ill-fitting rhythm.

Back in the early parts of last Summer I was blessed to have heard an initial version of this track. As soon as the trombone hit and echoed, I knew this was going to be dope.

Ticklah and Mayra Vega had previously bodied another Willie Colon classic “Che Che Cole” as part of Antibalas some years back. This time they tackled the classic Willie Colon feat Hector Lavoe track “El Dia De Mi Suerte“. Instead of simply adding a breakbeat, they completely decomposed and reconstructed the track as a slow burning reggae tune. Super fresh.

The track feels like a Bushwick summer night. A little reggae, a little salsa. A little Bacardi, a little Appleton.

Some nice tropical flavors to keep you warm this winter.

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Out now via Names You Can Trust (NYCT)
Christian Martir

Christian Martir

Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico and now residing in New York City, Christian Mártir likens himself to a renaissance man. Over the last 7 years, as founder of the Rice & Beans Sound System, he has played and spread his love for Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms and culture.