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Future Classic: TRIBE ft Joan Belgrave “Where Am I?”


What do you do when you’re flipping through 12s at your local record store and you come across a label that reads “Produced & Mixed by Carl Craig”? As if that weren’t enough, what if you flip sides only to realize you’re also holding a Kyle Hall remix? What becomes of you upon discovering an Agoria remix as well? “Tell me, what do you think of the traffic problem? What do you think of the marriage problem? What do you think of at night when you go to bed, you beast?” – Groucho Marx

Sorry, I couldn’t figure a way out of all those rhetorical questions. Needless to say, this record grabbed me in ways I wouldn’t tell my mom about. The original mix stood out so much, on the first listen I looked around the room, drop-jawed in disbelief and arms out like “I don’t even know…I don’t even know. Can I get a witness?”. Maybe the shock is due in part from the misguided expectation of hearing another dance tune, but even so, eight listens later and shimmer doesn’t fade. So classic.

I don’t wish to dissect the track, I just want you to listen to it. Well-well-well worth the vinyl format. The “TWPENTY” on the label means Planet E is celebrating 20 years (and what a way to do it).

Tribe - Where Am I


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