Hauntology Vol.3 – by (oum, Doc’trin & Omar Krivit

We’re back with another installment of our creepily-curated playlist: Hauntology Vol.3 (this time adding our Halloween-enthused homie Omar Kirvit to the mix). Whether you’re a DJ looking to “update their crate” with ungodly hymns, hosting a hellish house party or simply in search of some spine-tingling tunes for a late-night trek through the woods, we’ve got you covered (in blood, that is). 

Doc’trin and (oum (who share a common ground for freaky sounds) are absolutely thrilled to return to MIMSland for the occasion and while it wasn’t easy for them to adhere to a self-imposed limitation of 10 tracks each, the leftovers will surely-serve for spirited-rounds of festive file-sharing in the future! 

Without further ado, here are 30 songs spanning styles of spooky-soundscapes, deep downtempo, low-down library, sinful synth, diabolical dub, nefarious new wave, fiendish funk, devilish disco,  haunted house and ghoulish grooves that put the “boo” in boogie. 

Doc’trin Selections

(oum Selections

Omar Krivit Selections