Lexis’ Advent Calendar 2019 – Forgotten Treasures ABC’s

Here is the final version of this 25 day music curation project. If you followed along from December 1st until now, I hope you made some lovely discoveries. If you are just catching up on it now, I would suggest you start today and run through the full list one day at a time.

The concept of advent calendar in the Christian tradition is that each day of December until the 25th you get a little gift (text, poem, image, or in our more commercialized society, chocolate) in anticipation of Christmas. Even though I am not a religious person, I thought the format of an advent calendar lent itself really nicely with musical discovery.

So here is my version of a musical advent calendar: every day a small selection of personal forgotten treasures. Every day I hand-picked 10 tracks from artists starting with the same letter in 1 playlist (available on Youtube and Spotify), 26 letters in 25 days to be exact.

The musical guidelines were simple: tracks that are more than 10 years old and will take you off the beaten path, unclassics if you will. My goal with any mix, article or playlist is never rarity for rarity’s sake. I could care less about the value or hype of a record. The goal of each and all of my projects is to share music I love deeply and I think you might enjoy.

In the past decade, much of the beauty of discovering and sharing music has gradually been overtaken by our algorithmic overlords, the “suggestion” engines behind the tech platforms that spit out “Made For You” selections. Here’s hoping that in the next ten years we don’t lose touch of the beauty of discovering, sharing, talking and connecting with music between humans.

Wishing you all great holidays and all the best in 2020.

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