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HHHH “Compilación Uno” (Detroit Underground)

Electronic Ambient

via Detund: “Compilacion Uno” compiles a selection of tracks that further deepens into the band’s concept of the world of men without men or the loss of the subject in the radiance of the background.

HHHH is an anonymous music production collective based in Buenos Aires, Argentina active since 2013.
Through the manipulation of a broad range of audio sources the trio portrays obscure subjects then brings the background forward, shifting through enveloping dynamic scenery.

Video Concept: “ID04” portrays a woman heading home from work on a night such as any. As she walks towards her car, the atmosphere becomes increasingly hostile, and the line that divides real from oneiric starts to blur.

Detroit Underground (est. 1997) is a multidisciplinary arts collective. Functioning primarily as a record label dedicated to electronic based experimental music and video installation.

“Compilación Uno” released August 11, 2017 on Detroit Underground

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