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How Music Works (BBC4 documentary)

“Whatever type of music you’re into, it may surprise you to learn that things that sound where different from each other on the surface, are in fact using the same basic musical tools and technics.”

In a world so connected and with more and more light shared on forgotten music treasures, we are getting to know more about people who shaped the musical world and became true legends. But with so many well done documentaries on a single music genre or one musician, it’s a true gem for us to find a brilliant video piece on why the music works so well for all of us? Why certain rhythms make us dance or others make us mellow? Or how music making reflected different cultures and what are the elements shared by all styes of music?

In this super-interesting 3 hour BBC4 documentary, composer Howard Goodall takes us to a fascinating music journey while stripping music and examining its essential parts that actually make it work: melody, rhythm, harmony and bass.

Here’s the link to the full documentary, available as a YT playlist with 20 videos in total (4 parts/videos for each of the categories listed above).



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