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Jacy “Somewhere In The Tapes” (Kalahari Oyster Cult)

House / Techno

The very elusive and mysterious Jacy, also know as The Old Writer, starts out the new year with a BANG!

An absolute essential EP on the brand new “Kalahari Oyster Cult” imprint featuring 4 mesmerizing tracks of unmetered sweetness. Little is know about this Italian DJ, producer and music composer. Appearing out of nowhere, his music is so pure that it is pretty impossible to define if it was created in the early 90’s or nowadays. He self released two 12″ on his own label “Home Of House Records” and had a track out on “12Records“.

The music on this EP is very warm and organic as usual with Jacy. The whole thing sounds like some of the best recordings coming out of Italy in the early 90’s. What can be found here is a fusion of the deepest Italo House spectrum incorporating different shades of the American flavours and even a little UK Rave influence.

“Parallel Trip” opens up the EP with a strong yet deep atmospheric workout. “Dreaming About Bebu” and “Piano Reprise” are just perfect for those late night and early morning sessions with their classic trademark Italian sound containing loads of piano and that special hypnotic touch that’s so hard to describe. To conclude the EP, “It’s Not Hot But Hit” takes things in a totally different direction with a Rave-ish feel that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early “Nu Groove Records” or an obscure British techno label from around 1990.

This is without a doubt a crucial release that should generates lots of reactions in a perfect world. It looks like it’s gonna be a busy year for Jacy. Following this release, his music will be featuring twice on “Welcome To Paradise”, a compilation of classic Italian tracks carefully chosen by Young Marco.

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The RawSoul

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