Forgotten Treasure: JJ Fad “Supersonic”


JJ FAD which stood Just Jammin’ Fresh & Def‘ were the first female rap group to earn a Grammy nomination and have a platinum record. And to me “Supersonic” beats “Push It” by Salt N’ Pepa any day of the week. It’s pretty funny to think that at some point they were actually produced and backed by Eazy-E and Yella from N.W.A.

Although this track has been one of my favorite 80’s cheese party jams to play in my sets for years and years I had never even seen the video. It’s a beautiful thing. The 3 fly chicks look like they’re on the top of the building were they work and are just on break from their job at AT&T. They just put on the JJ Fad jackets, switched earrings, went to the roof and boom!

@0:50 min : figure skating ???
@2:38 min : the ancestor of the “dirt off your shoulder” move.



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