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Future Classic: K-Maxx “For the Record” (Omega Supreme Records)

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Omega Supreme Records just released 2 EP’s – K-Maxx‘s “For The Record” and First Touch “Knockout”. This double release format has become a standard for the label, and I think it’s a great thing (except for my wallet).

K-Maxx delivers a 4 track EP filled with bangers, including the catchy “Stuffin’ For Ya Muffin’ ” and my personal favorite “Music”, in which he describes his everlasting relationship with the latter. You can sense the emotions and life experiences in his distinctive voice, and K’s reputation has a solid vocalist & a accomplished producer keeps growing to new realms. He’s part of the legendary Sweater Funk crew down in San Francisco, and has releases on Cherries Records and a new 45, “Need 2 Know”  with Kutcorners (with a Buscrates remix on the flip side).

Make sure to check his previous releases and also take a listen to the First Touch EP (link), a 6 tracks polished projects following up their 4 track EP debut on Born To Shine Records, featured earlier this year on MIMS. (link).

Track taken from the latest edition of the weekly Voyage Funktastique show. Presented by Music Is My Sanctuary and hosted by Walla P.

Walla P

Walla P

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