King Midas Sound Interview

First time in Montreal? Or at least first time as King Midas Sound?

K: its our first time performing as KMS but ive been here about 4 times… Played wtih Ghislain, Amon Tobin, and other Ninja Tune people. I love Montreal

Before we go into what King Midas is all about… Who else on the MUTEK roster are you looking forward to hearing?

Definetly Actress

I know you guys participate in other projects so what is King Midas sound all about? Or how did the union come about?

We met for a long time, i actually heard his stuff, …

What are the differences between producing a song and performing it live?

Our live show changes from time to time but its definetly a challenge since our music is so introspective and personal. When you’re in the studio everything is about the technicalities, the ambience and al that… But in a show it becomes about connecting with the audience

I hate when I go see a show and its the same set as the record, i can do that at home…

Is the accesibility to cheaper production tools creating a lack of quality in both producing and Djing?

Acutally no i dont think so, theres a democratization of software, plugins and an accesibility that are just opening things up. It’s just like having a 1000$ putter doesn’t make you a great golfer!

Yeah, thats on the production side but on the consumption side do you think there is less of a demand for quality

We’re as stumped as anyone else you know, artists, labels we’re just trying to figure out how to fucking survive this! But change is always a welcome thing, it makes you reassess everything. There are so many people in the industry groaning and complaining, to me the music industry was its own worst enemy. Its pure and simple greed over the years thats lead it to the state it’s in right now. So you know, fuck the music industry.

I think there’s gonna be a new authenticity to music. I mean you have so much choice now that you’re only gonna pick things that spiritually speak to you.

Seems to me the future is much brighter for mid-size and small labels than it is for the giants.

I think direct artist to fan relationship has never been closer. Communication isn’t perfect, but its better than its ever been. So in that sense, the future is very bright!



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).