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Future Classic: Krakatau “Tharsis Montes / Apogean Tide EP”

Jazz Soul & Funk

The Melbourne-based quartet take their Jazz and Funk influences and meld them into two wonderfully executed jams.

I can’t honestly say I have heard a single bad piece of music come out of Australia. Everything and everyone who is from there seems somewhat otherworldy, although usually unaware that they are completely amazing. When I first saw the album cover of Krakatau‘s “Tharsis Montes / Apogean Tide”, I instantly thought it must be some sort of re-release. It looks like it’s from the late 70’s or early 80’s, and to me, it sounds this way too.

Only a couple days ago a friend and I were talking about how music from the 70’s just sounds so much different than music from today. It has a different type of soul, a different type of groove and feel. Music from then was made to last for a really long time, and I get this feeling when hearing Krakatau. I wish the songs would just keep on going so I wouldn’t have to keep restarting the record! As an added bonus, the EP was released by the wonderful Hamburg-based growing bin records, who seem to have an excellent taste and approach to things. Without being in your face about it, this is beautiful music that is rooted, confident, and unafraid to explore.

Release Date: September 23, 2016

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

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