Mala and Digital Mystikz deserve to be mentionned in the short list of pioneers of dubstep, no question about that. To me they are amongst those key people who put the dub in dubstep. The first wave of influencers, like El-B, Horsepower Productions, Zed Bias were more about the stepping part; all of them being well known for the darker 2step influence. What people like Mala and Coki brought to the table were amongst the first instances of the heavy heavy dub and sub-bass influence and less about the intricate drum programming. The DMZ club night and record label is the stuff of legends, most of the early vinyl releases go for over 100$ online. Mala has kept things moving as well outside of the Digital Mystikz fam, founding Deep Medi Records in 2006 and pushing artists like Silkie, Kromestar, Quest. Strictly quality low-end stuff.

There are a lot of negative things that can be said about dubstep these days but absolutely none of those include the name Mala in the same sentence.

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Mala Digital Mystikz – Unexpected – Dub
Randal And Andy C – Sound Control – Ram
Jehst – Alcoholic Author – YNR Productions
Cinematic Orchestra – Flite – Ninja Tune
Coki Digital Mystikz – Intergalactic Dub – DMZ
Roots Manuva – Soul Decay – Big Dada Recordings
Ray Keith – Babylon 5/Yes Yes – Dread Records
Coki – Thief In The Night – DMZ
Jumping Jack Frost – Bells Of Dawn – Formation
Mala Digital Mystikz – Livin Different – Dub
Flying Lotus Ft. Andreya Triana – Tea Leaf Dancers – Warp
The Future Sound Of London – Antique Toy – Astralwerks
Digital Mysticz – Cr7 Chamber – Rephlex
Digital Mysticz – Give Jah Glory – DMZ
Digital Mysticz – Return To Space – DMZ
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01 Mala – Digital Mystikz “Livin’ Different VIP” (DMZ)
02 V.I.V.E.K “Feel It” (Deep Medi)
03 Goth-Trad “Seeker”
04 Coki – Digital Mystikz “Ironshirt”
05 Mala “Enter Dimensions”
06 Kryptic Minds + Youngsta “Arcane”
07 Dark Tantrums “Unborn”
08 V.I.V.E.K “Big Bang” (Deep Medi)
09 Mavado “Dem A Talk (TMSV Refix)”
10 Coki “Revolution”
11 Jack Sparrow “Afraid of Me”
12 Mensah “Gambia”
13 The Dub Mechanics “The Clash”
14 Mala “Bad Spirits on Shoulders”
15 Digital Mystikz “Dun Stinky”
16 Commodo “Saracen” (Deep Medi)
17 Coki “Duppy Sour Sap”
18 Johnny Osbourne “Fally Rankin (V.I.V.E.K. Dub Version)” (Greensleeves)
19 Mala “Education” (DMZ)
20 Old Apparatus “Untitled Intro” (Deep Medi)

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Digital Mystikz ‘ Misty Winter’ (Soul Jazz)
Digital Mystikz ‘Earth A Run Red’ (Soul Jazz)
Loefah ‘Left Right Left’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Blue Notez’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Serious’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Torture’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Haunted’ (Dubplate)
Skream ‘Tapped’ (Tempa)
Digital Mystikz ‘Ancient Memories (Skream Remix)’
Loefah ‘Goat Stare’ (DMZ)
Digital Mystikz ‘Shattered’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ‘Left Leg Out’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz ft Spen G ‘Anti-War Dub’ (DMZ)

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This CD was given out Friday 1st September 2006 at Blackmarket Soho and first 100 Through the Door 2nd September 2006 at DMZ Post Carnival Rinse Out / The Mass – Brixton.
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+ Mala in Montreal!!! Thursday January 12th



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).