“Mecca And The Soul Brother” Deluxe Edition


Pete Rock - Mecca And The Soul Brother Deluxe

Pete Rock & CL Smooth will release a remastered deluxe edition of their 1992 classic album, Mecca And The Soul Brother. Pete Rock is one of my favourite producer of all time and in my perspective, Pete and CL may be the best duo in hip-hop ever (they were never as good in their solo projects as they were together). The re-package includes Instrumentals, Acapellas, Bonus Versions, and a 20 pages booklet with liner notes by Pete Rock, CL, Dante Ross and Brian Coleman. The Mecca And The Soul Brother Deluxe Edition will be available on September 14th through the Traffic Entertainment Group. More info on the deluxe edition right here. Don’t Sleep on this one!



fullrange is another like-minded music head who is a really great digger and tastemaker. The guy especially knows his jazz shit!