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Michel Sardaby “Gail” (1974, World Seven)


By the time he recorded “Gail”, Michel Sardaby was already an established player on the European Jazz scene.

Even before he set foot in Media Sound Studio in New York City in February ’75, the Martinique-born pianist had made a string of memorable guest appearances and released two well-regarded albums.

The resultant set, recorded with local Jazz and Funk musicians, has long been an in-demand record on both the Jazz and Jazz-Funk scenes. The tracks touch on both, as well as contemporaneous Modal Jazz. While bassist Richard Davis and drummer Billy Hart play their part, it’s Sardaby who is the real star, delivering a thrilling range of riffs and solos on piano and Fender Rhodes. In 1976, “Gail” won the Prix Boris Vian.

1. “Gail”
2. “Spindrift”
3. “Ten Kisses Short As One”
4. “Welcome New Warmth”
Side 2
1. “Help Me Belong Here”
2. “Song For My Children”
3. “One Long As Twenty”
4. “Sambando Nas Ondas”

“Gail” reissued November 23, 2017 on World Seven

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