Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: DILETA (Coolground, Montreal)

Allow me all you Music Is My Sanctuary regulars to introduce you to one of Montreal dopest up and coming DJ’s in our scene. Dileta is the founder of the Coolground collective and also one of the resident DJ’s of the Homegrown Harvest parties.

I always have an immediate kinship with anyone in Montreal has that plays electronic with that loose, swinging, abstract, unquantized feel and just from nerding out with Dileta about music I knew that this mix was going to be stellar. It did not disappoint. Proper beat science I tell ya!

@diletamtl: This mix is an experiment in dynamics between various ultramodern ‘cool vibe’ corkers and house stompers, with some UKG and 100-something drummy chugging thrown in for good measure. When assembling it, I tried to focus on two things. First, rhythm juggling and layering, often changing between diagonal lift and forward propulsion, and second, toying with the impression of free fall through the use of ascending and descending high-pitched synths and abrupt drum pattern changes. There’s also a fair share of cheeky fun inside. Thanks so much for listening!


Honeydrip – Speaking Moistly [Pandemic Artifact]
Wheelman – Slight Of Hand [self-released]
Realitycheck – Dem [Renascence]
Brenner – Korvexx [forthcoming]
Braiden – Belfry Tower [Rush Hour]
Sam Brickel – tbl (iota remix) [self-released]
Static. – Back to the Start [Moot Tapes]
Aroent – Eleese [Awkwardly Social]
Henry Greenleaf – Snide [Well Street Records]
Lack – Squeeze [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Hitam – Sunday Drill [self-released]
Splash Pattern – Sentinel [self-released]
Depuratumba – Vudu [Vista Recordings]
Swordman Kitala & O’Flynn – Heat Flexx [Blip Discs]
Monir – The Instinct [More Cowbell]
Den Haas – Feelings [Dim Sum Records]
Wen – Blitz [GD4YA]
McGregor – Explain Away Your Feelings [self-released]
Ekhe – Super Klein [Spooky Shit]
Cando – Stashed [Pressure Dome]
Otik – Twin [self-released]
Jas Shaw – Tic Tacs Without Strategy [self-released]
Dan Miles – Chord [877 Records]
Kamus – WDUW [self-released]
Knebel – Tangerine Dream [Empirical Magnetism]
testpress – Hustlin [Carouse]
Haron – Drosera [Queeste]
Plebeian – Giggles freestyle edit [self-released]
Diessa – Loukanikos [Hi-NRG]
Low Budget Aliens – Hazardous Waste Pump [xpq?]
Korin Complex & Carter Wolfe – Ponder [Miracle Drug Recordings]
Izco & Kotei – Nightscape [Natural Selection]



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).