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MIMS Guest Mix: ERIK STRAUSS (Venice, Italy

DJ/composer from Venice, Italy.

Grew up with his family’s funk records, he became a passionate listener of minimal and underground electronic music, trying to discover something different. Listening to jazz, trip-hop and ambient, help him to compose new atmospheres for his independent releases.

This is the usual atmosphere that could you feel in my house when you’re a guest of mine. It’s a mix made of some my biggest inspirations that makes my day but also fill the night until I fall asleep. Some classic trip- hop tunes mixed with newest jazz and ambient releases.


9 Lazy 9 – Poundstretcher
Alpha – Airlock
LTF – Mystic Brew
Bomb the Bass – One to One Religion Björk – Crying
Portishead – Magic Doors
99 Posse – Me Siente?
Nu Guinea – Parev’ Ajere
Lamb – Cotton Wool (Fila Brazillia Mix)
Jungle – The Heat
The Spice Cabinet – Big Bots Battle in the Blue (feat. Tony Parker & Just Busy Strings) Stereo Mc’s – Fever
Howie B – Hopscotch
Alex Reece – Feel the Sunshine
The Aloof – Sunk
Olafur Arnalds – Woven Song
Ana Roxanne – In a Small Valley


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