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MIMS Guest Mix: GUEDRA GUEDRA (On The Corner Records, Morocco)

Worldwide Sounds

Listen to an exclusive, Music Is My Sanctuary Mix from Moroccan DJ and producer Guedra Guedra, sound researcher from Casablanca, Morocco. His performances are a fierce blend between contemporary electronic rythms and traditional sounds from Morocco and Africa.

Hailing from Casablanca, over the course of 60 minutes he’ll take you through a range between music from his label On The Corner Records and Music That he likes.

This first EP of Guedra Guedra “Sun of Son” at On The Corner Records, that will truly introduce his identity to the international scene and bring a new dynamic to the global bass family, is an ingenious production work in the the studio, but above all a long-term documentation of real field recordings of musical and social situations.”


01 – Badawi – Destroy All Prophets -(theAgriculture)
02 – Tenesha The Wordsmith – Dream so loud – (On The Corner)
03 – Mickey Hart, DJ Logic – Baraka – (Howe Records)
04 – Damon Locks and Black Monument Ensemble – Which I Believe It Will – (International Anthem Recording Company)
05 – Smadj – Three Worlds – (Electric M.E.L.T.)
06 – James Stewart – Nolias – (On The Corner)
07 – Cain – Arame – (Frente Bolivarista)
08 – Amïra Saqati – El Aloua – (Barraka El Farnatshi)
09 – Phil Von & The Gnawa Musicians Of Fès – Transe Incolore – (Prikosnovénie)
10 – Billy Martin, Bachir Attar, Dave Dreiwitz – Ghaita Blues – (Howe Records)
11 – Damon Locks and Black Monument Ensemble – Which I Believe I Am – (International Anthem Recording Company)
12 – Mugwisa International Xylophone Group – Drop the Beat (FYI Chris’ Acid Drop) – (On The Corner)
13 – Badawi – Anlan 7 – (theAgriculture)
14 – Khalab – Dense (Batida Remix) – (On The



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).