Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: MAD MATS presents “Jazz-ish” (The Jazzier side of Local Talk Records)

Even though Mad Mats and Tooli runs a ‘house label’ we hope our various influences from other musical genres shine through the label’s vast catalog.

One strong influence on Local Talk is of course jazz, in any shape or form. So on our new ‘-ish’ compilation series we thought we begin here…Jazz-ish.

The compilation is full of personal favorite jams from Local Talk. But some tracks stand out a little extra. Kai Alce’s melodic remix of Munk is a personal fave and a true beauty, Kaidi Tatham’s mix of Coflo is proper UK jazz-fusion boogie (ish.), Dean Zepherin’s ‘Blue Moon’ is a classy jazz-funk number and Ron Trent’s remix of Kyoto Jazz Sextet is as deep-jazz as it gets.

Put em’ all together and I hope you will hear what it’s all about. JAZZ-ISH

JAZZ-ISH compilation on Bandcamp


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