Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: S. Chioini (Montreal, Humidex Records)

House / Techno

S. Chioini Mindful Mix for MIMS

“I’ve figured out recently that the music I like to listen to and that inspires me the most, even when it comes to club music, is not necessarily the music that resonates with the body or the soul, but the music that speaks directly to the mind. Electro is just that to me. Its main themes — cybernetics, telecoms, space exploration, dystopia, etc — are fertile grounds to the imagination. Its jittery hats are a vibrant neurotic stimulation and its fast-paced synth lines are like a cryptic language that can only be deciphered on the dance floor, every kick and snare hits knocking you as hard as they can.

This mix combines some of the tracks I have enjoyed playing the most through the last year, including some classics and a lot of fresh picks. Thanks to labels like Sheffield’s CPU or Glasgow’s Craigie Knowes, electro is getting more and more accessible. I cannot pretend to be an expert on the subject as I possess no real knowledge of the history of the genre. I can only say that this is the music that excites me at the moment when it comes to club sounds, and with the recent upsurge of the electro supply on the digital market, it’s been a really fun time exploring.”

“As for the mix itself, it begins on a steady groove by Anthony Rother and it builds up on energy from there, pickup acid basslines on the way up and going through a few breakbeat detours. My favorite moment is at about 30 minutes, when everything is blown up by Walton’s crazy SFX break on his recent quasi-dubstep track “Rolla”. Beautiful atmospheric moment coming up shortly with No Moon’s “Where Do We Go From Here”, then it actually goes on through more mind-expanding craziness with a 160bmp interlude (Client_03, Hoover1). I have inserted an Absurde EXCLUSIVE right after that — coming up on our own techno label Humidex very soon ! Then it’s time for anthemic techno before things slow down a little, going through Weird Electronica Zone (Glyn Hendry, Lazarus). Following is a brief introspective moment by Adam X, the last minutes of the mix bringing it back to electro in its purest form. Nullptr’s “Cybernoid” was the best possible outro.”


Intro sounds
Anthony Rother – Interception
Bad_Mix – Obsolete Flavor
Deapmash & Benjamin – Solar 909
Sansibar – Ghetto Of The Mind
DAWL – Let’s Go
Locked Club – Electro Raw
Random XS – Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix)
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – Wireframe
False Persona – System
Walton – Rolla
S. Chioini – +4 Degrees
Stenny – Adequate Force
No Moon – Where Do We Go From Here?
Client_03 – Hope Repeater
Hoover1 – Hoover1-3B
Absurde – Bioturbation (coming soon on Humidex)
Hadone – Hour Of The SoundWave
Rune Bagge – Thank You For Not Snitching
X/319 – Form Futur (Original Mix)
Glyn Hendry – Dexy
Lazarus – An Example Of Emotion
Senate – Formant
Adam X – Midnight Sun
Djedjotronic – Cellular
Nullptr – Cybernoid
Outro sounds




Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).