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MIMS Guest Mix: Tawiah (London, Lima Limo)


“This mix includes tracks that represent childhood memories, friendships and musical collaborations. I have had the pleasure of knowing or working with all the people in this mix and wanted to share the good vibrations”

Tawiah is a singer/songwriter and DJ. Her sound is unprocessed and uncompromising, her voice a singular instrument she alternates between thoughtful restraint and impassioned abandon. The vestiges of Tawiah’s early vocal training in church contrast subtly against the distinctive South London accent that has helped to place her firmly at the vanguard of a diverse yet notably British alternative soul movement in recent years.

Be on the lookout for her latest release “Recreate” out June 30, 2017 on Lima Limo.


London Posse – How’s Life In London
Hejira – I Don’t Belong To Anyone
Sandra St. Victor – Is This Thing On
Speech Debelle – No War No Peace
Project 0.25 – Marley
Diva Geek – Go Hard
Parle – Kamden Town
Eric Lau x Tawiah ft Kaidi Tatham – Favourite Truth
Jamie Woon – Dedication
Mpho – Was Once You
LAY – Hejira rework I Don’t Belong To Anyone
Hunrosa – All
Hejira – No Matter
Tawiah – Queens
Zed Bias – Tawiah Every Step Remix


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