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Charlotte Dos Santos “Cleo” (Fresh Selects)


Originally from Norway and now located in Brooklyn, New York, Charlotte Dos Santos’ debut album “Cleo” is a stunning introduction to an artist who has an unbelievable amount of potential and wide-range appeal.

Having graduated from the Berklee College Of Music with a degree in contemporary writing and production, jazz vocals and art history, it’s clear that Charlotte Dos Santos knows what she is doing. Each song on “Cleo” glides effortlessly, feeling as if they were written and performed by contemporary versions of artists such as Nina Simone or Betty Carter, with maybe even a dash of Amy Winehouse thrown in for good measure. Featuring a few productions from Mutual Intentions’ Fredfades, this is contemporary R&B at its finest!

Inspirations for “Cleo” seem to come from a wide variety of sources with sounds and styles ranging from Jazz, Soul, Blues, Hip Hop, Electronic, Cuban, and the likes. It’s always nice to listen to an artist who not only enjoys making music, but also enjoys discovering and listening to styles different than their own. Charlotte Dos Santos seems to have done her homework not only technically, but stylistically as well! We’re really looking forward to hearing more from Charlotte Dos Santos, and are confident that she will catch the attention of some bigger names soon enough. Be on the lookout!

“Cleo” released June 21, 2017 on Fresh Selects

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

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