Guest Mixes

Guest Mix #45: ALSTON (Hawaii / NYC)


Since St-Valentine’s is just around the corner we figured we’d ask one of the biggest aficionados of Soul 45’s. ALSTON is originally from Hawaii, but based in NY for the last 9 years.

About the mix in his own words: “Im not too good with words or describing things, but when i was asked to make a Valentines mix these were the songs that came to mind. They are mostly heart wrenching songs with some songs of hope and happiness mixed in. I connect with the sadder more heart crushing songs because i feel they carry more weight and true feelings”

1. Little Jimmy Ray “you need to fall in love”
2. Shari Dee “no feelings any more”
3. Jean Du Shon “tired of trying”
4. Little Frankie Lee “don’t make me cry”
5. The Valentinos “lookin’ for a love”
6. Betty James “I’m a little mixed up”
7. Ronnie Love “chills and fever”
8. McKinley Mitchell “no love (like my love)”
9. The Sinclayr’s “one and one are two”
10. The Capitols “tired running from you”
11. Alphonso Hamilton “I’ll let you go free”
12. Ray Frazier “loneliness”
13. Dream Team “there he is”
14. Sunny & The Sunliners “should i take you home”
15. Fred Parris & the Restless Hearts “I’ll be hangin on”
16. Happy “all i need is love”
17. The Specials “fool for your love”
18. The Turbulations “I’m in love”
19. Abraham & his Sons “I can’t do without you”
20. The Volumes “I’m gonna miss you”
21. The Fabulous Performers “oh how you hurt me”
22. Jay W. King “I’m so afraid”
21. Eddie Bo “let our love begin”



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).