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Mix of the day: Dope Folks Records “Sampler #2”


Just when you thought you knew everything about the golden era of rap music people like Dope Folks Records come along with tons of stuff you’ve never heard of. The label specializes in uber rare of even unreleased gems from the glory years of boom bam.

So here is their second mixtape / sampler published on the mighty WaxPoetics. A Collection of songs from their 16 releases. DF0001- DF0016 2010-2012

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Paint It Black: We Got Pull (“KILLED BY DEF VOL. 1”)
Rock La Flow: Freestyle Fanatic (“The Ultimate”)
Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad: Flip’n Keeloz (“Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad” EP)
Courageous Chief: Warpath (“Warpath EP” *** SOLD OUT)
MC Capone: Smooth Style (“Payroll Records Rare Tracks 88-91”)
Mixmasta D: Strate Phrum Da Krate (“Turntable Scientist EP +3” *** SOLD OUT)
Stranj Child: Split Personality (“Stranj Child EP”)
Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar: In the Groove (“Loud as a Banshee”)
Prophets of The Ghetto: West Phil (“Wreckless Writers ’96-’99” ***SOLD OUT)
Rock La Flow: Wreckamic (“Flowgram Pt. 1”)
Legion of DUME: Knights of the Roundtable (“’94 DUME EP” **** SOLD OUT)
ILL Distracxion: I Heard Ya Don’t Know (“Psychotic Nasty EP” **** SOLD OUT)
Hitman (Earplay Entertainment)- Die 4 my Iggaz (Earplay Entertainment ’96 Brooklyn EP)
The Wizard of Rap: Escape From East New York (Remix) (“Escape From East New YorK”)
The Bizzie Boyz: Turntable Terrorizer (“Rare & Unreleased ’87-’89”)
Supreme Nyborn: Versatility (Versatile Extension) (“Payroll Records Rare Track ’88-’91”)
Rock La Flow: It Ain’t All Good/Outro… (“Flowgram Pt. 2”)

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