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Mix of the day: Markings x Artbeat Montreal “ALAIZ.CAST#06”


To celebrate the special partnership between ABMTL and the Alaiz collective, Shmings pairs friends in blocks alongside the industry zeitgeist and confirms that Montreal holds its own: Undaunted, incomparable and all the way ahead of the curve.


1) KenLo Croqnote “Dehors”
2) Sikh Knowledge “Electric Summer” (Unreleased Mix)
3) Black Atlass “Paris” (High Klassified Refix)
4) Cyril Hahn “Perfect Form” (Kaytranada Edition)
5) J.u.D. “Escape”
6) GrandBuda “Hocho-Cinquo”
7) Jay Z featuring Rick Ross”FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”(THUGLI Remix)
8) Danny Brown featuring A$AP Rocky and Zelooperz “Kush Coma” (Produced by SKYWLKR)
9) A$AP Ferg “Dump Dump”
10) Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples and Casey Veggies “Hive”
11) Freddie Gibbs featuring Problem “One Eighty Seven”
12) Trinidad Jame$ “Gold on my MacBook” (LAKIM Refix)
13) ESTA. “Shackled In”
14) Shogun featuring Sikh Knowledge “Pussy Mine”
15) Alaclair Ensemble “Snare Drum”
16) Vincent Pryce “stronghold_2”
17) Gabe ‘Nandez “Ouroboros” (Produced by Riche Quake)
18) Love Mansuy “Lights” (Produced by Kelly Portis)
19) AKUA “One’s Company”



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).