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Mix of the Day: Rhythm Section Upfront – by Bradley Zero

Beats House / Techno

Words & Sounds by @BradleyZero: I’ve got an intrinsic drive to always be surrounded by good music. I was making mixtapes on my Fisher-Price tape player before I could tie my shoelaces, and at the dawn of the digital revolution, my Dad was one of the first people to get a CD writer, so i made a few bucks selling counterfeit compilations back in the 90’s.

This led to me being the guy trying to soundtrack every possible situation, from hogging the iPod at the houseparty to choosing the perfect accompaniment to a dinner with friends or the right track to watch the sun set. You could call this obsessive. I feel uneasy with silence. Eventually I made the initiative to start a radio show back in ’09 in an attempt to share these impulses with a wider audience. It all comes down to sharing, and I feel a very real, impulsive desire to share good music with people.

Now that the radio and club gigs are a pretty firm fixture in my life, my discovery of new music revolves around this. I’m always listening to new music, every day in most of my spare time, to the point where it actually becomes quite tiring. Because – let’s not forget – there’s a LOT of bad music out there, an incredible amount of garbage; regurgitated, uninspired rubbish. I feel it’s almost become my job to filter this endless tide of content into something palatable, fulfilling and who knows, maybe even life changing. I’m on a constant search for truth, and if I stumble upon some hidden truths, then it’s my job to proclaim them, to shout it from the rooftops and share it with as many people as possible.

My A&R process for the label – if you can call it that – has evolved naturally from there. (I don’t even know what A or R stands for…I could Google it, but I’m real busy.)

So this mix is composed of entirely unreleased material: there’s about ten forthcoming RS INTL tracks included; a bunch of new work from artists who’ve released with us; and then a few unmastered, undecided tracks thrown in for good measure. On top of that there’s a few bits and bobs from heroes, friends, peers and labels I’ve got to know over the past few years.

This one is less about the mixing and more about a presentation of where we are at sonically, and a high five to the international community that made it possible. Fasten your seatbelts!

– BZP (@BradleyZero)


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