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Future Classic: Mndsgn “Body Wash”

Beats Hip-Hop Modern Funk

I used to see Mndsgn as just another really talented producer who made dope beats. Following a few plays of Stones Throw released album ‘Body Wash’ it has become undeniable that he has reached a whole new level.

‘The underlying vibe of the new Mndsgn album is positive, with the core themes being about finding yourself and being independent in your own thoughts and decisions in life. Tracks like ‘Use Ya Mnd’ ‘Ya own Way’ and ‘Alluptoyou’ are examples of this. It’s an enlightening and spiritual album, not only lyrically but sonically as well.

The cosmic futuristic tone of this album is perfectly exemplified by the infectious funky rhythms, groovy basslines and hypnotic keys on tracks such as ‘Cosmic Perspective’ and ‘Lather.’ The whole project sounds like it came directly from 1970s Los Angeles, but it sounds so futuristic and current at the same time. Another highlight is ‘Guess It’s All Over,’ a smooth sensual ballad which closes the album perfectly.

Overall my suggestion is to buy and support this album as much as you can. Stones Throw have produced some gems in the past couple of years, and this latest addition might be the sweetest one yet.

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Martin Boev

Martin Boev

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