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MR. GUAN presents “My Favorite Tracks from TLM Records”

Beats Hip-Hop Soul

I’ve been wanting to link up with The Loud Minority for a long time now. They are a crew / dj collective out of Vienna, Austria and have been doing their thing for 8 years now and I’ve always been told to respect my elders heheh. No but really I have tons of respect for what these guys do because we live the same reality and work on a lot of the same projects, just separated by a tiny ocean.

So, I’ve been DJing for three days in a row out there and hanging out with Mr. Guan, founding member of TLM and all around super dope DJ. I asked him to give us the run down on some of his favorite tracks on The Loud Minority records. They do small pressings of 7″, always really exclusive and next level music.

Trust me, you need ALL of these.

Feux “Broadfactor”
Feux is a beatmaker from Austria and he used a really cool and funny sample from a Japanese TV show called Milla. This is our newest 7″ and is just a really cool Quasimoto remix.

Cid Rim “On!”
Cid Rim is a good friend of ours from Vienna. He’s been recently signed to Lucky Me Records and plays drums in Dorian Concept’s band. The original track is from Waxolutionists, also from Vienna who got to work on this track with Frank (from Frank N’ Dank). Major Vienna / Detroit collaboration on this one!

Gianna Charles “I Need You”
We also love to go into the Future R&B vibes and this one is from a super talented Viennese songstress and she also happens to be my girlfriend 🙂 But i’m totally being objective, this is a really dope future R&B classic. A future classic, as Lexis would say…

Dorian Concept “TrilingualBallaRefix”
Definitely one of our most well known releases. Everyone plays this one in clubs and it always kills. We’re always very proud of Dorian Concept, our homeboy from Vienna.

Volcov “The Crown”
I’ve played this one a 1,000 times in every occasion possible and just always works great. It’s also cool because it’s our only disco focused release to date. Cool edit of Gary Byrd by our friend Volcov aka Isoul8 from Verona, Italy.

Clonious “Touch It”
Just such a big dancefloor track and so much better than the original. The Clonious is also from Vienna and part of the JSBL crew with Dorian Concept. He also has a record out on Ubiquity.

Up Hygh “Compatible”
Our very first release on TLP and has always been a staple track of our Loud Minority events. Up Hygh were a great group from Stockholm, Sweden.

The Loud Minority is a promoter and DJ collective out of beautiful Vienna.
TLM is responsible for the freshest parties in Vienna, covering hiphop, soul, beats stuff and dubstep. Due our history in doing that, we came up with the idea to ask some of our music friends for unreleased tracks and remixes – well here we go: simple plain 7″ whitelabels, small hole, 33rpm, one track per side, strictly limited and handnumbered to 300 pieces of every release, no repress – that’s the deal!

Bonus pick from LEXIS



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