Mutek 2011 – Day 1 (Wednesday June 1th)

Let’s get this rolling. The 12th edition of the now world famous MUTEK festival is starting on wednesday June 1th and the dopeness begins on day 1! Here are our picks of what to do on jour un!

4:30 – 5:30 Metro Arts 01
Where: Berri UQAM Métro
What: UK Funky & Techno
Why: Because my good friend Bowly will be kicking things off with a DJ set in Montreal’s biggest subway station. He works at Atom Heart (dope record store) so you know he has access to all the dope shit!
How Much : FREE!
Details: Mutek Link

5:00 – 7:00 Experience 01
Where: Place de la paix
What: Leftfield Hip-Hop & other neck snappage.
Why: Because i’m dying to finally check out Dj Brace. And also because Kenlo is my favorite producer in Quebec and I think the Mutek world is ready for him!
How Much: FREE!
Details: Mutek Link

10:00Nocture 01
AMON TOBIN (and more)
Where: Metropolis
What: Electronica of all sorts.
Why: Because i’ve loved his work since 2000. Amon Tobin’s record were my introduction to the Ninja Tune world. And from what i’ve heard from the press preview his visual performance will match the richness of the audio.
How much: 30$
Details: Mutek Link

3:00 am : Poutine
Where: Lafleur
How much : 3,25$



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).