Wot U Call It? “Nu-Step Documentary” by J Da Flex (circa 2003)

Yesterday J Da Flex tweeted a link to a 29 minute audio documentary from 2003 called 2-step,”nu-step”, Dubstep, ”Future Garage”. Documenting the evolution of the styles and wheres it’s mutating to in this current day. It’s quite exciting and interesting. It even features 17 year old benga making a beat on a playstation.

At first when I saw J Da Flex’s description I thought this documentary was about the state of UK Garage in 2011 because god knows it is still very much in evolution and always morphing into one style and leaning on different influences (rave, juke, etc…)

Suuuuper interesting to hear a documentary that talks about the future of dubstep when it was just being born. I listen to this and wonder sometimes if the style has come full circle…

Nu Step Documentary - J Da Flex (2003)



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